The Seller's Net Sheet application was developed to overcome the deficiencies caused by the change over to Webster and covers the southern and western counties of Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, the Net Sheets available on Webster are $400 over the actual net shown on the HUD settlement statement. Although there are many fields available in Webster, most Realtors do not know what these values are used for or how to calculate them correctly. Items like Escrow Fees and County Taxes change based on the County yet Webster does not allow for a county selection. Even the additional fees that are a part of FHA and VA deals are not handled properly. Finally, just like in the old MLS system, Webster's graduated commission rates have to be calculated one at a time by hand. In many Realtors' opinions, this is not an improvement. Here's a solution!

  • Standalone application that can be run from a laptop, home computer or office computer without an Internet connection.
  • Allows for price ranges and increment values for creating multiple Sale Price Net Sheets in one simple step.
  • Automatically calculates real estate taxes paid by the seller based on half-year taxes and closing date.
  • Changes county tax multipliers, water/sewer holdbacks and escrow fees based on county selection (currently supports: Cuyahoga, Erie, Geauga, Huron, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Ottawa, Portage and Summit. Additional counties can be added upon request).
  • Calculates Graduated Commission rates (currently includes: 7-5% GR, 6-5% GR, 6-4% GR, 7%, 6% and 5% - Dual Agency) as well as allowing customizable graduated percentage rates based on the first $100K and the remainder.
  • Includes additional fees and items like doubled Escrow fees for FHA and VA.
  • Uses graduated Escrow fees based on Sale Price (Based on Title company's graduated settlement fee schedule for included counties).
  • Allows modification of Commission Rate, Home Warranty, First & Second Mortgage values, Water/Sewer holdbacks, Other Expenses (can include credits) and Seller's contribution (Percentage points or fixed dollar amount)
  • Can be exported to HTML or PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format).
  • Small application size (6.5 meg install, 700 KB updates).
  • Includes Company and Fair housing logos.
  • Capable of running on resolutions as low as 640X480 (best when used at 800X600 or higher)
  • Includes Owner's Fee Policy Title Insurance and Basic Title Insurance calculations based on state of Ohio values.
  • Option to show Net percentage on Net Sheet.
  • Send Net Sheets as email attachment directly from this application.
  • Built in check for Updates on the Web.
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  • Overview.pdf - Key features list

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